SDI specializes in 304 stainless steel production.  Every skid of material arriving at the plant is inspected & tested with a metal analyzer gun, before it is received. 

Products are carefully designed in SolidWorks and CAD programs.  From laser-cutting & forming to welding & assembly, particular attention is given to the product including random checks. 

Each feeder is initialed by the welder constructing it, which increases responsibility and the ability to track quality.  After a final inspection for weld quality & function, it is approved with an inspection sticker and prepared for shipping!


SD Industries was founded in January 2006 by a team that had previously been in the industry for over 25 years. Their experience in both the hog industry and manufacturing processes laid the foundation for a brand of equipment with superior quality, innovation, and user-friendly features. This continues to be our focus – providing equipment and hardware that truly fits each producer’s needs.

We develop products that fit the hog producer and look for new improvements on a daily basis that will improve weight gain, have less stress on the hogs, and bring you our high-quality products that remain competitively priced.

Since the establishment of SDI, our goal in manufacturing is to use advanced technology and modern machinery to expand our product lines and meet the needs of our Dealers and the producers.  In the last nine years, SD Industries has expanded into over 95,000 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing space with a new fiber optic laser, robotic welding, rod bending and steel press equipment, and over 60 trained employees.

Production standards, customer service, and a reputation for quality were quickly established and continue to be our major focus.  Our owners are always available for consultations as well as our friendly sales staff.  SDI understands the critical timeline of hog production, affecting new facilities and retrofits of older units.  It is our goal to have quotes back to our dealers as quickly as possible and most of the time in the same day.

Over 35 years of experience provides our customers with precision engineering, quality manufacturing and competitive pricing.