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Why SDI?


Wean-to-Finish Feeders

  • ​SDI’s Wean-to-Finish Feeders are optimal for hogs ranging from 10 to 285 lbs. (5 to 130 kg) and can be stocked at 8-10 hogs per feed space.

  • Raising Larger Pigs - requires the right equipment to get the job done right!  

    SDI's Wean-to-Finish MAX Feeder is designed with a trough space 12” deep to provide adequate eating space for hogs being finished at 300+ lbs.

  • SDI’s wet/dry Wean-to-Finish (Shelf) Feeders provide the feed/water combination for improved gains.

  • Introducing the SELECT Paddle Feeder!

    • Option of EZ Adjustment or Hand Crank Adjustment system
    • Rugged Edstrom Nipples
    • Direct drill-threaded water line: eliminates chance of leaks around the nipple
    • Proper feed space dimensions (14” or more) – designed for hog comfort
    and accessibility of feed
    • Feed Saving Lip – saves feed and money
    • This feeder comes in 36” height

  • This Feeder is available in two sizes -34” height or XT 40” height.