SF-015 (with Hopper)

#SF-015.14R (14" wide, Right); #SF-015.14L (14", Left)
#SF-015.16R (16" wide, Right); #SF-015.16L (16", Left)

Put Your Scoop & Feed Cart Away!  This is the best solution that provides better feed consistency, while still keeping the lactation feed intake high.  Low-cost, low-maintenance - Saves your staff time and labor.  You will see feed wastage and spoilage eliminated.  Use SDI's sow feeder with a feed tube that is easily adjusted and set.

  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Sloped Bottom - bringing the feed to the front

The sow feeder hand crank comes standard on all SDI sow feeders with a cover box for optimal protection from the sow. The cover box features grain slots so that it stays clean. With SDI's unique hand crank design on the outside of the feeder is easy to read and adjust. The back of the feeder also has a visual, numbered set point for easy and uniformed feed setting.

The EZ Squeeze feature is now an available option for SDI's top selling sow feeder!

Sow Feeder, with Adjustable Feed Tube - provides consistent feed while reducing waste!

(Hopper sold separately)