Boar Feeders

How Do You Feed Those Hefty Boars OR Gilts?   We've got the answer!

Constructed like a wean-to-finish feeder...only BIGGER, TALLER, & TOUGHER.  SDI's Boar Feeders are 40" tall and made entirely of heavy duty 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel.

Despite its name, this Feeder is often used in Gilt Developers!


  • Solid Panel Dividers prevents pigs from seeing each other, which reduces fighting and increases gains
  • Option of EZ Squeeze Adjustment or Hand Crank Adjustment System
  • Proper feed space dimension (14" or more) - designed for hog comfort and accessibility of feed
  • Feed Saving Lip - saves feed and money 


  • Drop Tube Holders included


  • Available in either single or double sided models

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