Danish Free-Farrowing Pen

Adjustable Sides: Front & Back of Pen Sides can be moved to various settings for best sow accommodation & care.
Gates above Rear Creeps: Small gates on either side of sow area allow staff fast and safe inspection of piglets.
Side & Gate Latches: Spring-loaded Latches are easily operated with one hand.
Secure Space for Piglets: “Run ways” provide safe space for piglets during sow movement.
Finger Bars: Protect and preserve piglets.
Flip-out Feeders: Top latch releases to flip feeder out & down for easy cleaning. Compatible with choice of sow feeders.
Sow Card: Fixed card included. Custom locations available.
• Rear Door with rump rail
• Available in multiple lengths & widths
Efficient Installation: Designed with pre-fab “panels” that pin together for efficient set-up. Pens connect with minimal hardware/tools required.
Secure Pins: Pins are fastened to pen, so that they’re never lost.


Premier Design: Engineered in collaboration with industry professionals for superior user friendly features as well as animal welfare compliance.

Built Tough: Solid construction of 304 stainless steel tubing! Eliminates concerns of rusty or broken parts.

Hygienic Style: Stainless welded and capped parts provide easy maintenance and good hygiene.