What are others saying about SDI? Take a look for yourself in the testimonials below.

When I do chores, I want everything working. The feeders are now the last of my worries.

-T Dunn, Hog Farmer

The adjustment precision and quality of these feeders are 2nd to none. Will last a life time and continue to be the best option for our operation.

-SandRidge Farms

When corn hit $7, that's when we started buying your feeders!

-SD Grower
 Winfred, SD

We just got some of your feeders and they beat "competitor" feeders all to pieces!  I mean just the quality - heavier metal, your adjustment system, they're very nice.

-A Happy Farmer
 Manitoba, Canada

SDI is a great company to work with. I cannot say enough about them.

-Jamie Girouard
 Sioux Falls, SD