Read more about the Team that takes pride in producing only the highest-quality equipment for your operation.

Melvin Waldner



Melvin has been in the swine industry for over 30 years. Growing up within the swine industry, he had a vision for creating a feeding system that was built with quality and could meet the demand of the fast changing industry. Over the last 30 years he has seen huge changes within the industry. The need for high quality feeding equipment has moved to the top of the list for meeting the demands of hog producers. The cost of feed has changed the feed product needs. SDI’s feeders meet the needs our producers are looking for in weight gains, quality and durability. Melvin’s vision has carried over to SDI through the last 12 years in building a company that meets the same standards as our feeders. Through Melvin’s vision, we continue to meet the high standards of our producers and to carry that vision of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction throughout SD Industries.

Kenny Waldner

VP, Head of Engineering


Coupled with years of experience as a hog barn manager, farmer, and then as a fabricator; Kenny grew up surrounded by machinery and loves technology. He understands our CNC equipment inside/out. Kenny & Melvin have worked together closely for 20 years as an innovative team. Kenny has been with SDI since the day it was just a thought process & dream. He was working as a senior design engineer for a firm in PA and helped Melvin design products as ideas morphed into reality. His design and engineering background has taken SDI concepts of feeding hogs to a new level. Kenny wears many hats at SDI as our design engineer, network and IT manager, product development supervisor, quality inspector and ensures all equipment is up to date and running. Kenny’s years as a barn manager gave him first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t. Kenny is always excited to look at new ideas and concepts within the manufacturing arena. Delivering quality products and satisfied customers is his end goal!

Jason Stoebner


Jason is an experienced banking executive with an extensive background in all facets of commercial and AG banking. He believes that success comes from delivering strong results with a great team. As CFO, he is responsible for ensuring that SDI has the information solutions needed to improve SDI's effectiveness and efficiency in delivering services to our customers around the globe.

Trent Thomas

Procuring Agent

Trent came to SDI with 15 years of experience in the world of procurement. When not spending time with his wife and their children. Trent thoroughly enjoys golfing, traveling, fishing, and defending his title of Barbecue champ at the South Dakota State Fair. Trent’s philosophy is that the only way SDI can succeed is to help its customers be successful.

Tyler Laffey

Sales/Marketing Representative


Tyler is a sales professional who grew up and has lived in South Dakota for the majority of his life. He is excited to work with a family-owned company right in his home state. With 16 years of sales experience, we are fortunate to have him on the team. Tyler enjoys working with our dealers to meeting their sales and product development needs.

Michael Ulrich

Regional Sales Representative


After eight years of Sales & Customer Service at SDI headquarters in SD, Michael moved with his family to Michigan at the end of 2015 and assumed the role of regional sales rep for the eastern US, eastern Canada, as well as some international markets. He continues to work in support of our expanding Dealer network and SDI brand equipment in that territory. He is truly a man of integrity and has gained the respect and trust of our dealers and their customers.

Chris Dalland



Chris has over seventeen years of experience in a production setting serving as a laborer, drafter, supervisor, quality control and engineering all starting at the age sixteen. Chris works with the production staff and engineering to continuously improve the process and products to better serve the customer.

Jill Letcher



Jill comes to us with a lengthy history of customer service in a variety of fields. She is excited to join a family owned business so close to home. Jill looks forward to learning more about the products and assisting the customers of SDI. Stop in or give us a call and Jill will do what she can to assist you.

Dan Blevins



Dan Is excited to be part of the SDI team with over 14 years of sales experience and is eager to bring a high level of professionalism and customer service to the needs of customers. Dan grew up in northeast Nebraska helping with his small family farm, where he gained experience raising everything from cattle to greyhounds. Please contact him if you have questions on any of our stainless steel products.

Lars Christenson

Plant Manager


A lifelong resident of Mitchell, SD, Lars began working with Melvin and Kenny in 2015. Lars has 18 years of production management in various roles within the manufacturing industry. His background in engineering and manufacturing helps SDI delivery quality products to their customers. When Lars is not at work, you will find him riding a motorcycle or rebuilding his latest project bike or vintage car.